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ŠVF - Švenčionių vaistažolių fabrikas
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  Herbs are plants with healing properties, of which more than 12,000 species are known. They are part of our medical heritage as our ancestors managed to uncover the secrets of how to use them, which of them had healing, soothing or energising properties or just a great taste. Today ŠVF not only offers traditional herbal teas, but is also developing new products and original herbal blends. Organic, detox, immunity-enhancing teas, connoisseur blends and teas for children – a plentiful choice of nature’s best for everyone! We all deserve a moment of relaxation over a steaming cup of herbal tea.

  ŠVF – herbs and herbal blends
  Old traditions of herbal medicine come to life in products from Švenčionių Vaistažolės. Lithuanians have long been using herbal plants to treat illnesses. Combined with developments in science today, we can offer our customers over 50 sorts of herbal plants and their blends. We also have a line of teas for our youngest consumers! These teas have both a pleasant flavour and a good effect on one’s health. The Wisdom of Ages teaches us to  use food as our medicine. We aim to make the riches of nature available to each and every one of you.

  ŠVF – time-tested quality!

  The ETNO line of herbal teas comprises 11 blends of herbs with a harmonious flavour. They are made from traditional, well-known and widely used herbs, such as camomile, thyme, balm leaves and others. Teas are packed in eco filter bags and airtight envelopes which help retain the natural flavour and aroma of the herbs. The ETNO line also includes four herbal blends made especially for the youngest tea-drinkers that are equally loved by adults. The ETNO line has a range of loose teas as well – three different harmonious combinations of herbs for body, mind and soul.

  ETNO – a drop of Lithuanian nature!

  ETNO Ritualai (ETNO Rituals)
ETNO Rituals are 3 special teas with perfectly-matched herbs and surprising tastes created by carefully-selected spices. Breathe in silence and move forward with new strength from the tea and spices.

 ETNO Nomination
 ETNO NOMINATION is excellent and exceptional loose tea. The mix of traditional Lithuanian and exotic oriental herbs: It is a merger of these cultures and traditions in one exceptional taste. We made a really unique product by making both cherishing the centenary traditions and striving for modernity. It is an exceptional novelty in Lithuanian market.

  ETNO Nomination - for exquisite taste!

  Taste of nature
  TASTE OF NATURE is a line of herbal teas comprising blends of five kinds of herbal plants. This product is targeted at people who value simplicity and quality. All the teas are produced from carefully selected herbs, fruits and berries. For many,  Taste of Nature will remind them of a summer in the countryside or a warm winter evening with a cup of tea from herbs collected straight from a summer meadow. Free from any artificial flavour enhancers or colorants.

  Taste of Nature – a bouquet of nature’s treasures for your everyday table!